Dr. Alden H. Wright

Research and Emeritus Professor

Office: Social Science 407. alden.wright@umontana.edu

Research Interests

Theory of genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation, bioinformatics, population genetics, technology and ethics.

Teaching for Fall 2011

CSCI 216 Technology, Ethics, and Society

Flyer for CSCI 216

CSCI 216 satisfies the Ethics and Human Values General Education Perspective. The course will cover traditional ethics topics like utilitarianism and deontonolgy. Then it will consider the ethical and social implications of new technologies like robotics, human enhancement, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology.

This course is designed for non-computer-science majors. Computer science majors should take CSCI 315E instead of this course.

Teaching for 2010

Class Wiki and Syllabus for CSCI 315E (Fall 2010)

Class Wiki and Syllabus for Science 220E (Spring 2010)

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